IM Cooling Tower Charleroi

I've read about the IM Power Plant years ago but never really took the time to visit the spot since it's quite the drive. A couple of weeks back I was cleaning up some old photos and this started itching again. Had to wait a few weekends for a non-rainy day, but today was that day and so I went on my 1.5-hour drive to Charleroi.

Got myself a Tinyhawk II FPV drone

I just got myself this mini drone; the Tinyhawk II. I already had some equipment from a couple of years back when I first got into FPV but fairly quickly gave up because it was too expensive at the time, I also found it super difficult to learn and there were little resources and documentation on the hobby.

Seoul, South Korea 2019

Because of the COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, coronavirus crisis or whatever you like to call it I also saw all of my Saturday plans being canceled. Instead, I took the time to fix a couple of issues with my website and go through my massive collection photos of my trip a couple of months ago to Seoul, South Korea ??.

GitHub package registry: cannot find package version with version id, please ensure that your token has repo scopes

I've been trying to move my images project by project from my own Docker registry to the GitHub package registry. But when I started on the second project I quickly ran into the following error: name unknown: Request failed with: Cannot find package version with version id '161877', please ensure that your token has 'repo', 'read:packages' & 'write:packages' scopes ?.

Fail early with Husky pre-commit hooks

Pre-commit hooks are nothing new, it's been around for ages. It allows you to hook into certain git events. The most popular one is definitely the so called pre-commit hook. It runs before your commit is created and it can possibly prevent it even from being created.

Running a dedicated Quake III Arena server on Raspberry Pi with Docker

Quake III Arena, almost 20 years old by now but still an absolute classic! I would dear to say it's probably one of the best (FPS) multiplayer games ever made ?. We used to play it sometimes at school during lunch breaks in the computer classroom, very nostalgic feelings ?.

ESP8266 freeform weather station circuit

Although this is a project of a few months ago, I really wanted to put it out here and I finally took some time to do it! I had been following @mohitbhoite & @jipraus their freeform circuit creations on Twitter & Instagram for a while and found them really inspiring.