Bitconnect ponzi scheme imploded, surprised?

It's somewhat surprising that Bitconnect lasted this long. It doesn't take a lot of brains or a degree in rocket science to realise it's an obvious ponzi. By just looking at the tiers they offer with guaranteed profit percentages within a certain amount of time a few alarm bells should already start ringing.


I'm inclined to say no mercy for the people that invested in this. But unfortunately, there are still a lot of desperate people that are sick of their jobs, long hours with a minimum wages, loans, rising costs and what not. Everybody needs a way out to a better life. Anybody else, rational enough not to be lured by false promises, will not fall for those scams.

But then again, just watch the video below. I had to watch it a couple of times, it's kinda hard to believe it's real and not stand-up comedy. I'm not sure what his guy is on, but he is flying HIGH..

They even have some music videos, one of the best below ?..

Bonus video; tribute song with Carlos Matos from NY ??.