Milky Way 4.jpg

Breathtaking pictures of the milky way

I am facinated by the stars, the galaxy & space in general. Not so long ago I started following a photographer on Twitter / Facebook that takes beautiful pictures of our galaxy, the milky way. From time to time I try to take pictures myself but I'm not that skilled and well equipped sadly enough. I should try to create more time for photography. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite pictures.

Milky Way 4.jpg

Milky Way 5.jpg

Milky Way 2.jpg

Milky Way 1.jpg

Milky Way 3.jpg

And here are a few I made in the neighborhood where I live. As you can see they're not that good as the ones above, but still, I'm pretty happy with the result keeping in mind that Belgium suffers a lot from light polution, my cheap gear and limited skills ?.

Milky Way - Tryout 2.jpg

Milky Way - Tryout 1.jpg

Hopefully I can make some more time in the future for photography and more specific galaxy photography.