Bring Me The Horizon live at Rock Werchter 2016

As you might have read in my previous post, I went to Rock Werchter this year. And one of the bands performing on Rock Werchter was surprisingly Bring Me The Horizon! BMTH is one of the last bands I expect to see at Rock Werchter since this festival is aiming on the big crowd and mainstream music. However, it is known that BMTH is becoming mainstream as well.

I saw them earlier this year at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels and they performed really well, but it felt like they were missing some energy and were somewhat tired of touring. So I was hoping to see some more energy on stage at Rock Werchter.

But as good as the boys from Sheffield started, as quickly it became rather disappointing. After 3 or 4 songs Sykes started appologizing for his voice and the rest of the set he could barely sing along with his own songs. And then every other song, he asked for a moshpit which was kinda sad. If you need to ask for them, they're not deserved and not that good.

The quality of their songs decreased towards the end as well, was it stress or just a bad day? I don't know. They could have done better, much better. Never the less, overall I enjoyed it and most people around me did too.

Below a video of the song they kicked the set off with.