Configure PS3 sixaxis controller master bluetooth address from macOS using sixpair

Want to configure manually the master address of your PS3 controller? Well I needed to for a hobby project (I wanted the controller to connect automatically to my Raspberry Pi). It's really easy to do and takes only 5 minutes following the guide below.


Have homebrew installed, if you don't have yet; follow the instructions at

Install required libs & packages

Install libusb and libusb-compat using homebrew.

brew install wget
brew install libusb
brew install libusb-compat

Compiling sixpair binary

First download sixpair.c using following command.

wget -O sixpair.c

Now we can compile sixpair.c to an executable using the following command.

gcc -o sixpair sixpair.c -lusb

If everything went well you should now have a sixpair executable.

Configuring bluetooth master address

First connect the PS3 controller to your Mac. If you now run ./sixpair B8:27:EB:31:97:DA it will produce something like the following output. Obviously change the address to the one you want.

Current Bluetooth master: 3c:15:c2:e3:d8:47
Setting master bd_addr to b8:27:eb:31:97:da

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