Rumours had been around for a while, but today during a press conference at the E3 game convention in Los Angeles Bethesda and id Software announced Quake Champions. For now the shooter will be available for PC only.

Today I came across this video (it's already a year old, still, it blew my mind) that's demonstrating the possible use of VR headsets for gaming. It looks awesome, the possibilities here are endless! Think about shooters, fantasy games, solo and multiplayer. Imagine theme parks with rooms per game that you can play individually, with a bunch of strangers or with a group of friends.

Sundays is a dark and surreal sci-fi short film that takes place somewhere in the distant future. It's not very clear what it is about, something about memory and false realities. But the visuals are spectacular, especially if you know that this short film was made on a small crowdfunded budget of just $51,000 through Kickstarter.