Got myself a Tinyhawk II FPV drone

I just got myself this mini drone; the Tinyhawk II. I already had some equipment from a couple of years back when I first got into FPV but fairly quickly gave up because it was too expensive at the time, I also found it super difficult to learn and there were little resources and documentation on the hobby.


Now a couple of years later there are many more people into the hobby and way more info & knowledge. There are also simulators to learn & test and a wider & more accessible range of products to get into it. This little drone for example was only a $100 on Banggood. I think it's perfect for a beginner to get into the hobby as you can fly it indoors and because of its little bumpers you're less likely to have bad crashes.

I find it insanely cool to be able to fly "first-person view" and I can't wait to try outside (it also comes with a stronger battery that gives more power for outdoor flying)!

Below one my first flights 😬

Update 31/07: I gave it a spin outside, full throttle 😎!