Growing an avocado plant from pit (part 1)

I regularly get questions about my avocado plants on how I grow them or that it doesn't work for people when they try it at home. So I decided to do a little series on it. I don't know yet how many parts and what will be in each one, but we'll see. Let's just go ahead and start with this!

First things first, get yourself a nice avocado from the shop. If they sell bio avocados, go for one of those. Search the biggest and fattest one you can find (as they usually also have a bigger pit) 🥑.


Now slice it open but be don't cut too deep so the pit isn't damaged too much from the knife, make yourself a nice guacamole and come back here when you're done 😊!


Now clean the pit with a lot of water and some paper towel so all the avocado flesh is gone and it looks somewhat like this. I also let it dry for about 2 hours but that's not really needed.


Now we just need to put some toothpicks in it, put it in some water & have a lot of patience.

So go ahead and put 3 toothpicks in around the middle slightly angled up so the pit its ass can nicely rest in the water. Put it in a cup or glass and fill it with water till just below the holes of the toothpicks.



Just make sure you change the water every 2 - 3 days and it's constantly soaked into the water. Also make sure it's not directly in the sunlight and clean the pit carefully with paper towel once a week.

Now you just need patience until it starts cracking open & sprouting begins. Don't lose hope if that doesn't happen right away, I had pits where it took up to 3 weeks before anything happened at all!

That's about it for now, I will follow up when my pit starts sprouting!

Cheers 🥑✌️