Hello world, the past year in retrospect

Apparently it's finally happening. I'm creating a blog. This first article will be about events that transpired this past year. In the future, however, I will write about things I learn, post small tutorials, and update you about things I care about. Maybe I'll even throw in a few general updates about what goes on in my life.

The past year has been a rollercoaster, I did a 4 month intership with the very best in mobile app development. Graduated from a 3 year adventure called Digital Design & Development at Howest University College Kortrijk. Bought my first car, became a freelancer & started working for an awesome startup that will change the current real estate market as we know it.

A new chapter

As I just said, the past year has been a rollercoaster and a lot has changed. One of those changes is this very site, Slashdot. The name under which I do freelance work. I'm currently working on this site and building it with Laravel 5, a framework I recently started learning. This site will contain a little bit info about myself, work I did in the past & a mixed personal/professional blog about life & more technical topics related to what I do for a living.


During my internship I worked for 4 months with the very best in mobile app development, In The Pocket. I had a great time, met a lot of new people and learned much more than I could every imagine in this short timespan! I had the chance to work with professionals on very cool projects for real clients such as Coca-Cola & Bancontact/ Mister Cash.


I worked there as an iOS Developer with 2 friends on various projects but mainly in collaboration with Nick De Cooman on the Coca-Cola project, which involved a lot of the new experimental Beacon technology, and with Hannes Verlinde (who now works at Facebook in London!) on a large application for a financial event in Boston.

Graduated as Deviner

The 27th of June 2014, I graduated (unofficially, I would receive my certificate only months later) from Digital Design & Development, or short, and how most of us call it: Devine. The same day I also signed my contract for my first job, but more on that later.

Devine creates digital creatives that are up to date with all the latest technologies & trends that can design, program & think about a digital campaign for your brand. We make perfect freelancers and can fit in almost any digital company. Because we have a unique knowledge of both design, marketing & development we can sometimes make better/faster estimations/decisions than others that don't have knowledge on all areas.


It was a great journey, learned a lot, seen a lot, made new friends, worked hard, played hard, cried & laughed. I'm going to miss it.


Started working

After I took a little bit of vacation I started working later that year at a new startup of the same guys that founded Netlog (which was once bigger than Facebook) & Twoo: Toon Coppens & Lorenz Bogaert. The new startup is called: Realo. At the moment of writing Realo is in private beta, but we plan on launching soon. I first worked there as a data scientist / backend developer and later on I joined the frontend team where I mainly do frontend jobs but from time to time a little bit of backend stuff as well. Who knows in the future some mobile development! (Devine for the win!)

I really love the startup life, working together with people that are passionated about startup life on a product with only 1 goal: changing the real estate market as we know it. We're not there yet but I'm confident that we will change the real estate market and people will be eye opened when we launch. Anyway, can't talk too much about the product itself for now.


At first I had a bit of a hard time with the work life. Concentrating for hours, the traveling with the train and busses, it was really exhausting. Later I decided to buy a secondhand car which made a huge difference in time (only 45 minutes of travelling a day instead of 3 hours of travelling a day). Sadly enough it also makes a difference in money with an average usage of 10L/100KM ?. Anyway, I'm working now and I still live with my parents so I don't have much to complain about.

So this is it, my first blogpost. The past year was a bit hectic and so is this blogpost. It may or may not seem very much as a whole but I promise I'll write cleaner, better and more structured posts in the future. I really just wanted to get this out there and give a brief introduction on what will appear here in the future and how life has been for me the last couple of months.

Feel free to drop me a line on [email protected] with any suggestions or mistakes soon there will also be a comments section available or leave a comment below ?!