It's kind of ironic.. How does one of the most wealthy persons on the planet and arguably the most powerful man in technology protect himself from hackers or spies. Turns out a piece of duct tape works just fine for Mark Zuckerberg.

Recently Instagram reached a new milestone, 500 million monthly active users. When Mark Zuckerberg posted this picture celebrating the new milestone it didn't took long before people noticed something odd..

As it turns out, there's a small piece of tape on his audio jack and on his webcam. They can hack your webcam all they want, if the image is physically blocked out by a piece of tape it doesn't matter, right? Pure genius. I usally have a small laugh when I see people doing this. Jokes aside, the director of the FBI is known to be doing this as well.

I understand some people are a bit paranoid about this, but there is some irony in the fact that a man that made roughly $40 billion by collecting user data of almost a billion people on daily basis is hiding behind a piece of tape.

Do you use a piece of tape to protect yourself from possible hackers? 📷

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