"Wire Cutters" is an adorable & award-winning animated short film about a robot miner sent to another planet and all the things that happen when he suddenly bumps into another bot. It is also about the dangers of exporting our capitalism to outer space and the soul-crushing regret we all will feel when we realize that we are unable to change our ways, dooming us to greed-encrusted loneliness and, potentially, oblivion.

A new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars movie, Rogue One, was released this night. I just watched it and it looks awesome! What has been rumoured since the news of standalone Star Wars movies first broke was just confirmed: the return of Darth Vader.

Sundays is a dark and surreal sci-fi short film that takes place somewhere in the distant future. It's not very clear what it is about, something about memory and false realities. But the visuals are spectacular, especially if you know that this short film was made on a small crowdfunded budget of just $51,000 through Kickstarter.