New year, new website

A new website, not only the design, but also the internals! Completely rewritten from the ground up. In fact, I started on this website end of 2016, rewriting it with Laravel but eventually stopped working on that after switching jobs.

A lot happened in 2017 and it wasn't the best year in general for me, but looking forward to 2018 and starting with this website completely rewritten using just some packages and no frameworks. It's not really finished yet (I still have to implement paging & comments for the blog, access logs / tracking, a sitemap generator, an rss feed, a fun / experiments page, make it more responsive and much more), so I'll still update it from time to time. For now this first working version is fine.

So as I mentioned I switched jobs (twice actually) this year and I'm currently working at Teamleader. Before this I worked a few months at In The Pocket, and however I really liked the people, the office and work environment there wasn't really a match technically.

I also recently discovered blockchain, how it has the possibility to disrupt entire markets and am currently really invested in that and spending a lot of time on it. You might see some posts appearing here related to crypto and blockchain. Feel free to have a look at Talking Crypto if you're also interested in crypto.

I feel like this post is becoming a very messy update and I have so much to write about but I'm going to leave it as is for now - I'll try to write some smaller and more frequent updates in 2018.

Happy new year ? ?!