It's kind of ironic.. How does one of the most wealthy persons on the planet and arguably the most powerful man in technology protect himself from hackers or spies. Turns out a piece of duct tape works just fine for Mark Zuckerberg.

Rumours had been around for a while, but today during a press conference at the E3 game convention in Los Angeles Bethesda and id Software announced Quake Champions. For now the shooter will be available for PC only.

I saw this concept floating around a few months ago, and recently it resurfaced again. I thought I'd share it with you. It's from October 2015 by a student industrial design, Marek Weidlich. It features an iPhone 7 concept where the display would be edge-to-edge and the touch id sensor is built-in into the screen.

Only a few weeks ago Netflix launched FAST, now it is Google's turn with a glorified version of Google PageSpeed Insights it seems. The tool measures how mobile friendly your website is and how fast it is loading for it's users.

If you're a gamer you probably know what a battlestation is. If not, it's kinda obvious, but it's basically your gaming setup to battle. There is a battlestations reddit where people can post their own battlestation and this one is absolutely georgous. I actually haven't thought about it how weird this might sound to people that are not into gaming / battlestations. In any case, I love it!

Before Universal Links the primary way to open up apps was by trying to redirect to the app's URI scheme, putting the routing logic in Safari. There was no way to check wether the app was installed or not. Meaning developers would try to open the app using the URI schemes 100% of the time in the off chance the app was not installed and using a timer to fallback to the App Store page.

Today I came across this video (it's already a year old, still, it blew my mind) that's demonstrating the possible use of VR headsets for gaming. It looks awesome, the possibilities here are endless! Think about shooters, fantasy games, solo and multiplayer. Imagine theme parks with rooms per game that you can play individually, with a bunch of strangers or with a group of friends.

I experiment a lot with different APIs I find / come across and usually I spend a few hours playing with it and then the project ends somewhere I will never find it again. I've been looking for a while to put these things online, and since I was reworking this site I decided to give it its own spot on here.

As you might have seen in my bio, I work at a startup, Realo, in Ghent. Realo is a real estate platform that's going to reshape the market as we know it now in Belgium with international ambitions.

So it happens that Realo is now doing a survey for people that ever bought or sold a home, and by filling it in you might win an iPad Mini 4! Awesome, right? It's a really short one, and our VP of Marketing claims you can complete it within 96 seconds.