After I recently found out that a newer version of nano than the one that ships by default with OS X can be upgraded to a version that supports syntax highlighting, I started to be annoyed by the fact that cat didn't supported syntax highlighting.

So I did a little bit of research. Turns out that with a little bit of effort and a small workaround, we can bring it to cat as well.

Bring Me The Horizon named after "Now, bring me the horizon", the last line of Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie "Curse of the Black Pearl", played last night in Brussels in the Ancienne Belgique. After the original date, the 22th of November 2015, was cancelled due to terror alert level 4 in Brussels, they re-scheduled for the 5th of April 2016.

Recently I was editing a php file on my VPS and I noticed it had some basic highlighting. The reason why I noticed is because on Mac OS X everything is always in the default terminal color without highlighting.

So I Googled a bit until I came accross some lost gist with a few comments of people trying to enable it. After trying it myself and using it for a day or two I wouldn't want to live without it anymore. It's a very handy little tweak that will definitely boost your productivity as a developer.

I have always been fascinated by all kinds of RC toys. Cars, planes, boats.. I played with them all when I was a kid. It's been a few years since I played with some RC toys but when I came accros this YouTube video of the so called "FPV drones" I was sold immediately. In the video you can see top pilot Charpu flying his QAV250 drone in an unfinished/abandoned building.

Not much to say, I always wanted to make own timelapse of "the stars moving around us". So I went to darkish place nearby, setup the camera, and waited for 3 hours in my car while watching some Netflix. Eventually I gave up since the moon started to ruine the shots and I was falling asleep.

Sundays is a dark and surreal sci-fi short film that takes place somewhere in the distant future. It's not very clear what it is about, something about memory and false realities. But the visuals are spectacular, especially if you know that this short film was made on a small crowdfunded budget of just $51,000 through Kickstarter.

Last night I went out again to take some pictures of the sky. According to there was a 60% chance to see aurora light in Belgium and the Netherlands. The reason why we had the chance to see it at these latitudes is because of a prolonged C9 solar flare which caused geomagnetic storm with a strength of G3/G4 (G3 = strong, G4 = severe).

I just came across this video of an incredible awesome self balancing, jumping & walking cube and I just had to share it. So, meet Cubli! Cubli is a 15x15x15cm robotic cube that can roll around and balance on its corners using a series of gyroscopes.

Sadly enough, we discovered today that our web application was crashing when browsing in private mode on Safari (this happened during a product demo of our CEO ?). It was a bit unfortunate that we had to discover it like that and that none of us had tested it with Safari in private mode. However, we were not expecting that modern browsers would do such weirdness, even doesn't mention it. But still, we can't assume things like that of course.

As a long-term Mac user & Apple fan I watched Apple's March 2015, "Spring Forward", Event this evening (18pm, GMT+1). Today's announcement included a price drop for the Apple TV, a new hyper-minimalist MacBook, researchkit & after months of speculation Apple has also now finally announced a launch date for it's newest toy, the Apple Watch.