Last weekend sun was shining and since I live in Ghent I can go up the belfry for free. So why the hell not! Went on the belfry, almost died of the wind and the cold, but got a nice picture of the historic centre of Ghent out of it. If you're ever in Ghent and you have the chance to go up the belfry, it's highly recommended! The inside and other sides are interesting as well.

Yesterday we went with a couple of friends to the international fireworks festival in Knokke-Heist. Every 2 days there's another country that participates. Today was the UK, the 25 minute show with music was pretty nice, I tried to take a few pictures the first 5 minutes but quickly gave up.

Every year from July 23th until August 20th there's an increased chance in seeing shooting stars, around this time the Perseid Meteor shower strikes with a peak around the 12th of August. The 12th I slept through my alarm (really, fml) and the other days it was too cloudy at night to capture anything.

Not much to say, I always wanted to make own timelapse of "the stars moving around us". So I went to darkish place nearby, setup the camera, and waited for 3 hours in my car while watching some Netflix. Eventually I gave up since the moon started to ruine the shots and I was falling asleep.

Last night I went out again to take some pictures of the sky. According to there was a 60% chance to see aurora light in Belgium and the Netherlands. The reason why we had the chance to see it at these latitudes is because of a prolonged C9 solar flare which caused geomagnetic storm with a strength of G3/G4 (G3 = strong, G4 = severe).

As you might have read before on my blog, I wanted to start in urban exploration. When I woke up the sun was shining, it was 15 degrees and it was even going to get warmer that afternoon. Perfect day to visit a location. So at noon I grabbed my stuff and went to a location where a co-worker had been before as well, a train wreck at the port of Ghent.

I'm still relatively new to photography and I still have a lot to learn. But when a co-worker showed me some pictures of an old factory he went photographing I instantly fell in love. It reminded me of a game I used to play, BioShock, and steampunk in general.

I wanted to do this as well.

I am facinated by the stars, the galaxy & space in general. Not so long ago I started following a photographer on Twitter / Facebook that takes beautiful pictures of our galaxy, the milky way. From time to time I try to take pictures myself but I'm not that skilled and well equipped sadly enough. I should try to create more time for photography. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite pictures.