Red Hot Chili Peppers live at Rock Werchter 2016

This year I went to Haacht for 5 days to enjoy myself in the rain, the mud and eat cold ravioli. And of course, music and live performances of world class (rock) bands! One of the big headliners this year were the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

When I was younger I used to listen quite a lot to them. Many of their songs remind me to when my mom drove me to the tennis club and we listened to Stadium Arcadium on the way there. Good times!

It's a pitty they didn't bring out any new material ever since. They toured for a while but from what I saw on youtube that wasn't very good. This year they came to Belgium and I didn't really had high hopes, but they performed really well and definitly gave their very best! I'm really happy I had the chance to see them live, wanted to stand closer but didn't get there in time.

I've recorded Dani California with my Go Pro, it's too bad the energy from the stage and the crowd doesn't capture that well.