Every year from July 23th until August 20th there's an increased chance in seeing shooting stars, around this time the Perseid Meteor shower strikes with a peak around the 12th of August. The 12th I slept through my alarm (really, fml) and the other days it was too cloudy at night to capture anything.

Not much to say, I always wanted to make own timelapse of "the stars moving around us". So I went to darkish place nearby, setup the camera, and waited for 3 hours in my car while watching some Netflix. Eventually I gave up since the moon started to ruine the shots and I was falling asleep.

Last night I went out again to take some pictures of the sky. According to SpaceWeatherLive.com there was a 60% chance to see aurora light in Belgium and the Netherlands. The reason why we had the chance to see it at these latitudes is because of a prolonged C9 solar flare which caused geomagnetic storm with a strength of G3/G4 (G3 = strong, G4 = severe).

I am facinated by the stars, the galaxy & space in general. Not so long ago I started following a photographer on Twitter / Facebook that takes beautiful pictures of our galaxy, the milky way. From time to time I try to take pictures myself but I'm not that skilled and well equipped sadly enough. I should try to create more time for photography. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite pictures.