SpaceX will be launching a Tesla Roadster into space tomorrow with the Falcon Heavy!

Tomorrow SpaceX will do a test launch of it's much anticipated Falcon Heavy. The launch has been delayed for several months now. SpaceX expected it to be easier since it consists out of 3 strapped together Falcon 9's, but strapping 3 rockets together was not as easy as they thought it would be.

The payload of the rocket will consist ouf of Elon Musk's old Tesla Roadster. That's a bit of silly payload, but the only goal here is to get the rocket into space and back to the ground without blowing it up. This is quite a task because the rockets will have to separate again in space and all 3 land individually. If all goes well, Elon's Tesla should be on its way to Mars tomorrow around this time.

Very excited to see how it will go!

Update: they launched it successfully!

Yesterday evening during bouldering exercises we watched live the rocker launch of the Falcon Heavy! Was super exciting to see and I think the simultaneously rocket landing of the side boosters was probably one of the most impressive things I've ever seen! Too bad the third booster landed next to the drone ship, never the less, great success!