Blaarmeersen Stars 3.jpg

Star gazing at Blaarmeersen beach, Ghent

Every year from July 23th until August 20th there's an increased chance in seeing shooting stars, around this time the Perseid Meteor shower strikes with a peak around the 12th of August. The 12th I slept through my alarm (really, fml) and the other days it was too cloudy at night to capture anything.

Tonight I tried shooting some stars, and hopefully a Perseid meteor, at the Blaarmeersen in Ghent. Since the end of the Perseid meteor shower is nearing, I was running out of time. There's a lot of light pollution in Ghent but I managed to capture one anyway. It's not super clear but you can definitely see a Perseid burning up in the atmosphere in the top left corner.

Blaarmeersen Stars 1.jpg

Below an enhanced & zoomed in version to make it more clear.

Blaarmeersen Stars 2.jpg

Bonus: Blaarmeersen beach at night.

Blaarmeersen Stars 3.jpg