Sundays is a dark and surreal sci-fi short film that takes place somewhere in the distant future. It's not very clear what it is about, something about memory and false realities. But the visuals are spectacular, especially if you know that this short film was made on a small crowdfunded budget of just $51,000 through Kickstarter.

Apparently Sony, Fox & Warner Bros. have all showed interest in the movie and made all several bids. Warner Bros. ended up winning the bidding game and will be making together with Misha Rozema a full movie out of this short film.

Make sure to watch the movie fullscreen!

Mischa Rozema and PostPanic Pictures' debut film project SUNDAYS completes a first step towards its Feature Film goal with the release of this ambitious proof-of-concept short. Much-anticipated and widely-supported by the international creative community (over 50K US Dollars was donated on Kickstarter alone for the live action filming part in Mexico City), SUNDAYS is directed by Mischa Rozema.

Set in Mexico City sometime in the future and starring US actor Brian Petsos and Mexican actress Sofia Sisniega, SUNDAYS is an ambitious philosophical science-fiction proof-of-concept short. The end of the world seems like a nightmare to Ben. A memory of a past life that doesn’t belong to him. When Ben starts to remember Isabelle, the only love he’s ever known, he realises she’s missing in his life. An existential descent into confusion and the desperate need to find out the truth begins. This reality depicts a stunning, surprising and dark world. A world that is clearly not his.

What are your thoughts on this short film?

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  • Gravatar jens

    Can't wait for the full movie, it looks cool!

  • Gravatar netsettler

    Hard to know how this would scale to a full-length movie. It's not obvious if the voice-over is part of the movie or just part of a trailer. The visuals look good. It has echos of various other movies and sci-fi stories, including, among possibly others, The Matrix, The Thirteenth Floor, The Truman Show, The Lathe of Heaven, and various stories from the Heinlein collection 6xH (a.k.a. The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag). Since each of those stories goes in a different direction, and this might go still another, it's just hard to know how to peg it. Still, I hope it's pursued to its completion. The world of SciFi movies can be so trite sometimes. I really did not like the Matrix, so if this is going after that idea, it has the potential to do a lot better with it.

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