The big crypto crash (correction) is here!

And it's something we've all been waiting for. Some people are probably thinking, this is the end.. But this is really an expected and healthy correction, and we need it to reach new all time heights.


Below a chart of the global crypto market capitalization from 2017 till now. As you can see we went from around 200 billion in November all the way up to 850 billion in end of December / beginning of January. That's not a healthy increase, and markets don't go up in 1 straight line.


This is the 3rd time I've seen a big correction in crypto like this, and admittedly one of worst till now. But if you follow the chart all the way back, it's always been like this and it will always be like this. Markets move in cycles.

That being said, now that we retraced more than 70% from the ATH I think the biggest part of the sell-off is behind us. And if you sold some assets and locked in profit beginning this year / end last year, now is a great time to buy. Look at it as a discount / shopping time!

If I would have funds left, but sadly I don't, I would go for Bitcoin (BTC, $7000), Ethereum (ETH, $700) or NEO (NEO, $80) as a safe bet. Or if you like a bit more risk (but also with a higher upside) you might want to try Zilliqa (ZIL, $0.045), ICON (ICX, $3) or Nano (XRB, $8).

Disclaimer: Prices mentioned here are the current prices and not buying or investment advice.