The Boring Company made a flamethrower

Late 2016 Elon Musk started a new company, called The Boring Company. The main objective of the company is (was?) to bring down costs of digging underground tunnels. But while they're working on that Musk tends to launch a little side project from time to time through the company as well.

Last year they started selling hats for $20 a piece. Musk tweeted that if they sold 50K hats they would start selling flamethrowers. What a joke, right? Ha-ha-ha.

And here we are, only a few weeks later.. Last sunday eve Musk shared a video on his personal Instagram page running around with a flamethrower. It definitely looks super cool!

It's up for pre-order on the website of The Boring Company for $500 a piece. It looks like a weapon from some futuristic space game (and kinda dangerous), but I'd still like one, just to put it up somewhere as a "collectors item". After all, Elon has alreay made so many great things and companies. Good job mate ?!