The future of VR gaming is looking bright

Today I came across this video (it's already a year old, still, it blew my mind) that's demonstrating the possible use of VR headsets for gaming. It looks awesome, the possibilities here are endless! Think about shooters, fantasy games, solo and multiplayer. Imagine theme parks with rooms per game that you can play individually, with a bunch of strangers or with a group of friends.

I like karting, laser tag and paintball. But I think I will like this even better!


Just have a look yourself at this demo video of a company called The Void that's making hyper-reality experiences as they call it.

Not virtual reality, hyper-reality

For the first time in history, it’s about living inside an experience with endless possibilities to participate and create.

Utilizing a layering of real-time interactive environments, and blending the real world with the digital, our participants are placed into our Hyper-Reality experiences.

Are you a gamer ?? What do you think about it?