This is one of the most impressive battlestations I've ever seen

If you're a gamer you probably know what a battlestation is. If not, it's kinda obvious, but it's basically your gaming setup to battle. There is a battlestations reddit where people can post their own battlestation and this one is absolutely georgous. I actually haven't thought about it how weird this might sound to people that are not into gaming / battlestations. In any case, I love it!

It's a liquidcooled desk pc made by Peter Brands for the 2016 Thermaltake CaseMod Invitational Season 1. According to Peter it was made with standard tools such as a jigsaw, drill, ironsaw, file and sandpaper and were all materials (for the desk itself) below $400. That's pretty impressive! Let's have a look.




There's more images and those can be viewed on this imgur gallery. He also made a small video about the desk.

Do you like this setup? Making casemods yourself? Let me know!