With latest version of Raspbian being based on Debian Jessie, this still comes with PHP 5.6 by default. Since PHP 5.6 reaching its end of life, and only security updates support starting tomorrow, it's time to start looking at the newer versions. PHP 7.0 was released last december in 2015 but is still not merged in the stable branch. Luckily there's a little workaround for this issue!

After using Vagrant for the past few years and Docker gaining more adoption every day, I decided to give it a go as well. In this post I'll guide you through the installation process and how to configure it and use it with docker-compose.

There's also a TL;DR with just a download link if you don't care how it works but just want to get started ;-)!

Not that long ago I was fidling around with my Xdebug settings and discovered by accident that you can enable a nice color formatted var_dump by changing just one small setting. It improves readability a lot and also color highlights errors which obviously comes in very handy when debugging code.

When the first beta of iOS 10 was released it didn't take long before some web developers discovered that user-scalable=no stopped working on their websites. Soon issues started popping up at Stack Overflow and drama happened. Probably some developers are already working on their JS plugins to fix this and gain some extra stars on Github.

Ever needed to loop over every day between 2 dates for a data set you need? From time to time I do and this can come in handy especially when making graphs or charts for example. Luckily, it's super easy to do this with some date & time extensions.

Only a few weeks ago Netflix launched FAST, now it is Google's turn with a glorified version of Google PageSpeed Insights it seems. The tool measures how mobile friendly your website is and how fast it is loading for it's users.

I experiment a lot with different APIs I find / come across and usually I spend a few hours playing with it and then the project ends somewhere I will never find it again. I've been looking for a while to put these things online, and since I was reworking this site I decided to give it its own spot on here.

Sadly enough, we discovered today that our web application was crashing when browsing in private mode on Safari (this happened during a product demo of our CEO ?). It was a bit unfortunate that we had to discover it like that and that none of us had tested it with Safari in private mode. However, we were not expecting that modern browsers would do such weirdness, even caniuse.com doesn't mention it. But still, we can't assume things like that of course.