Wire Cutters, an adorable and award winning CGI short film

"Wire Cutters" is an adorable & award-winning animated short film about a robot miner sent to another planet and all the things that happen when he suddenly bumps into another bot. It is also about the dangers of exporting our capitalism to outer space and the soul-crushing regret we all will feel when we realize that we are unable to change our ways, dooming us to greed-encrusted loneliness and, potentially, oblivion.

The animated short is made by Jack Anderson, student of Chapman's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts school. The short film definitely feels like a Pixar film, both in its render style and character design. But there's a darker atmosphere here that gives the short an edge that separates itself from the things you normally see from Pixar.

My biggest inspiration for the story was to show how us humans are constantly ruining relationships over the smallest things. This is something everyone’s done so I wanted to encapsulate it in a very contained fable. It ends up being a pretty universal thing people can connect to.