As you might have seen in my bio, I work at a startup, Realo, in Ghent. Realo is a real estate platform that's going to reshape the market as we know it now in Belgium with international ambitions.

So it happens that Realo is now doing a survey for people that ever bought or sold a home, and by filling it in you might win an iPad Mini 4! Awesome, right? It's a really short one, and our VP of Marketing claims you can complete it within 96 seconds.

Sadly enough, we discovered today that our web application was crashing when browsing in private mode on Safari (this happened during a product demo of our CEO ?). It was a bit unfortunate that we had to discover it like that and that none of us had tested it with Safari in private mode. However, we were not expecting that modern browsers would do such weirdness, even doesn't mention it. But still, we can't assume things like that of course.

Apparently it's finally happening. I'm creating a blog. This first article will be about events that transpired this past year. In the future, however, I will write about things I learn, post small tutorials, and update you about things I care about. Maybe I'll even throw in a few general updates about what goes on in my life.