I experiment a lot with different APIs I find / come across and usually I spend a few hours playing with it and then the project ends somewhere I will never find it again. I've been looking for a while to put these things online, and since I was reworking this site I decided to give it its own spot on here.

I'm also obsessed with stats and data so I might add a few graphs to the page as well 🙃. However, most of the time it's something stupid, useless or not really practical. I did hide the button a bit, a hint: it's pretty low on the page 😉.

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  • Gravatar Frank

    That's a very geeky page indeed, but should make all these details public available?

  • Gravatar Wouter

    Hi Frank,

    It's a geek page indeed, and it's not really data that can harm the website. So yes I chose to make it accessible for everyone but it's not really a danger.


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