Cercle presents: Boris Brejcha at Grand Palais

Looks like I missed the party of the year. Last week Boris Brejcha played an amazing live set in the Grand Palais in Paris organized by Cercle. Watch the entire set in the youtube video linked below.

Monitor your containers with ctop, like (h)top, but for Docker containers

While profiling memory usage and doing some load tests at work for one of our containers I was looking for some basic and easy to use Docker monitoring tools. At some point I came across ctop, much like top/htop, but for Docker containers!

Making your Docker images ARM compatible for Raspberry Pi

The big promise of Docker and containers in general; portability. A Docker container runs on a system that supports the Docker container's runtime environment. Applications are no longer tied to the host its operating system, that's great! But, it still needs to be compiled for the host its system architecture.

Good Charlotte live at Ancienne Belgique (2019)

A throwback to 2007, or maybe earlier. It's hard to say, it seems so long ago. Back when I was 14 - 15 I used to listen a lot to Good Charlotte, but for some reason I never saw them live though.

Sensor readings as JSON API using an ESP8266 NodeMCU dev kit

I've had some ESP8266 modules & dev kits laying around for quite a while now and a few months ago I started prototyping with them. Thought I'd make a basic example on how to present some sensor readings as a simple json api with only a few lines of code to get you started!

React Native: Entry, ":CFBundleIdentifier", Does Not Exist

Probably the most Googled error by React Native developers, when you search the issues in the React Native Github project alone you get over a 100 results. And then there's even much more StackOverflow issues, forum posts and so on.

Fix font rendering on macOS Mojave

So I finally updated to macOS Mojave yesterday, yay! But something was bothering me a bit.. I had the feeling there was something different with the font, I couldn't tell right away what it was though.