I made a mini Raspberry Pi (Zero W) "battlebot" with a PS3 controller as remote

A while back I wrote a blogpost how to interface a PS3 controller on Raspberry Pi using NodeJS. This inspired me to create a budget Raspberry Pi robot with a PS3 controller as remote for under $50. Here is the result ? ?!

Interfacing a PS3 controller on a Raspberry Pi using NodeJS

A basic example of how to communicate with a PS3 controller on a Raspberry Pi and have things reacting to its input. Once you got these basics the possibilities are endless!

Configure a PS3 controller to automatically connect to a Raspberry Pi

Want to configure manually the master address of your PS3 controller and have it automatically connect to your Raspberry Pi? It's really not that complicated and and takes only 5 minutes to configure! Here's a step-by-step guide, for macOS that is, but it will probably work for Linux as well if you take out the macOS specifics.

IDLES @ Rock Werchter 08.07.2018

IDLES, a punk rock band from the north of Bristol, never heard about them before. I just saw the description in the Rock Werchter flyer and that they were playing on the smallest stage of the festival. Since there was nothing else playing I wanted to see at that time I decided to check them out.

Joris Voorn - Antigone

Last weekend I went with some friends to a techno festival in Amsterdam; Awakenings. It was the first time I heard Joris Voorn play live, and to be honest, also first time I heard about him at all. I really enjoyed the set and his music in general, definitely one of the highlights!

Delta 1.7 has been released!

Since mid February I joined some friends and ex-colleagues to help them out with their startup, Delta. Today we launched the 1.7 version, being the first release that I also contributed a lot to. I'm very proud of what we accomplished in just a few weeks and the overall end result. I hope you'll like it too!

Creating a $15 web controllable camera with Raspberry Pi Zero

It's been a while since I did a weekend project, but this weekend was one of these! I wanted to hack something together so I could view a live camera stream from anywhere in the world and control it (as in: rotate it left and right) with a simple web interface.