How to configure SSH & WiFi on a headless Raspberry Pi Zero W

Something that I struggled with in the past, configuring a headless Raspberry Pi so I can SSH into it over WiFi. It used to be a quite a hassle connecting a monitor with HDMI and a keyboard etc, but these days it's quite easy to do with the latest version of Raspbian.

Quick tip: install PHP 7 on Raspbian using the official testing branch

With latest version of Raspbian being based on Debian Jessie, this still comes with PHP 5.6 by default. Since PHP 5.6 reaching its end of life, and only security updates support starting tomorrow, it's time to start looking at the newer versions. PHP 7.0 was released last december in 2015 but is still not merged in the stable branch. Luckily there's a little workaround for this issue!

Quick Guide: Setting up PHP 7.1, NGINX 1.10 & MySQL 5.7 with Docker

After using Vagrant for the past few years and Docker gaining more adoption every day, I decided to give it a go as well. In this post I'll guide you through the installation process and how to configure it and use it with docker-compose.

I received a signed copy of 13 Voices!

OMG, yes, I received a f*cking signed copy of the latest album of Sum 41! It was signed by each band member and although I've outgrowed their music I couldn't be more happier with it ๐Ÿคฉ! I listened countless hours to this band when I was younger and had been a huge fan ever since ๐Ÿ’–.

How to disable viewport scaling in iOS 10? You don't.

When the first beta of iOS 10 was released it didn't take long before some web developers discovered that user-scalable=no stopped working on their websites. Soon issues started popping up at Stack Overflow and drama happened. Probably some developers are already working on their JS plugins to fix this and gain some extra stars on Github.

Quick tip: loop over every day between 2 dates in PHP

Ever needed to loop over every day between 2 dates for a data set you need? This can come in handy when making charts for example. Luckily, it's super easy to do this with some date & time extensions.

Bring Me The Horizon live in Ancienne Belgique on 05.04.2016

Bring Me The Horizon named after _"Now, bring me the horizon"_, the last line of Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie "Curse of the Black Pearl", was playing last night in Brussels in the Ancienne Belgique.