Hey 👋, I'm Wouter! Currently 26.958056822 years old and passionate about all things digital really.

I studied Digital Design & Development 🎓 at Howest University College and am currently working as a Senior Full Stack Developer at a small crypto startup; Delta. Before this I also worked at a few other companies such as the scale-up Teamleader, In The Pocket agency & real estate startup Realo.

When I'm not creating kickass web applications I'm fiddling around with electronics, making tracking devices, robots, drones and other (useless 🤔?) fun projects using Arduino and Raspberry Pi ⚡️. Besides all of that I love travelling, nature, trying new things and pushing my own limits. I'm also a data geek, graphs & stats are real motivators for me 📈 (loyal Fitbit user over here).

Since 2017 I'm also involved in the crypto space, it's probably one of the most interesting things I've come across ever since I discovered how to make websites and apps. To me, Bitcoin really is a magical thing 🔮. It's transparent, secure, uncensorable & relatively quick (comparing to traditional banks).

Oh right, also a cat person 🐈!