WouterDS Hi there! I'm Wouter.
I am 23 and currently a full-stack web & mobile developer at Realo, a startup in Ghent, Belgium. I love travelling, nature, new (impulsive) things and pushing my own limits.

I am passionate about web and mobile development and all things related. Besides that I'm really into the internet of things and electronics in general. I love making crazy, weird and useless stuff with it things like Arduino and Raspberry Pi!

From time to time I'm into devops as well. I keep my dotfiles up to date with everything new I find, and sometimes I blog about it too. I manage a few VPSes for some clients and am hosting a few of my own websites on a Raspberry Pi (including this one!). I find it interesting to push the limits of systems and find out what they can handle and how to make them more performant. I hate setting up a mailserver though, but hey, who doesn't.

This website is my primary place on the internet where I collect work that I made for myself and/or clients. Write about what I do, what I like, things I experienced and more. It grew out of an old website that used to be the face of my secondary activity, but I decided to end that because it was becoming a bit too much.