About me

Hi there, I am Wouter! I'm 26 years old and passionate about all things digital really.

I studied Digital Design & Development at Howest University College and am currently working as a Full Stack Developer at Delta. Before that I used to work (also as a full stack dev) at Teamleader & In The Pocket agency. And before that as a web & mobile developer at a real estate startup, Realo.

When I'm not creating kickass web applications I'm fiddling around with electronics, making tracking devices, robots, drones and other (useless ..?) fun projects using Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Besides all of that I love travelling, nature, trying new things and pushing my own limits. I'm also a data geek, graphs & stats are real motivators for me (loyal Fitbit user).

Since a few months I'm involved also in the crypto space, it's the most interesting thing since I discovered how to make websites and apps. I love blockchain and how it has the ability to disrupt entire markets. Feel free to come have a look and chat about crypto on Talking Crypto!

Oh right, also a cat person!

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